Hire best website design company in India for best custom web designing and development services at affordable prices. Hire best website design company in India for best custom web designing and development services at affordable prices.
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Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing

Using a blog to effectively market your web site

Blog Marketing for businesses has become one of the newest ways for attracting visitors to web sites. Search engines love to read new, fresh, keyword-relevant content. Blog marketing is the answer to that. Marketing your blog for business can be a great way to increase web site traffic and increase your brand awareness.

Business blogging is easy, effective and is rapidly becoming a complementary piece to your overall corporate marketing and brand building initiatives.


Benefits of Blog Marketing:

  • Launch new products and services
  • Build a stronger online presence
  • Develop customer relationships
  • Recruiting new employees
  • Turning your blog into a media outlet
  • Increase search engine visibility
  • Drive increased web site traffic


Crucial elements of blog website design

Look and feel

The design of your blog and the immediate feeling it gives when one lands on your blog website, goes a long way in capturing visitors. Powerweave will keep your unique specifications in mind and our professional blog designers will create a contemporary blog design that truly works!


Navigation is the most important part of the blog design process. For the visitor nothing is more frustrating than having to tediously click around an entire blog just to find one bit of relevant information. The easier the navigation, the higher the chances of a reader staying on the blog for a while longer.


Usability is directly related to navigation. The better the navigation the quicker and easier it becomes for a reader to find his/her way around your blog.


Several components can be integrated into the blog design to enhance its functionality.  You could install a plugin to track commenters, customize the side-bar to keep viewers interested, or maybe adjust and improve the about page, for example.


Improve the way you interact with your readers and commenters to build a relationship with them, grab their trust, and convert them into loyal customers!


Components of blog marketing

Researching keywords

Those magic keywords again! They are the key to keep your blog high up on the search engine hierarchy. We include these important keywords as part of the URL paths for your blogs as well to help your blog content rank higher.

Optimizing the blog

Frequenly updated blogs are loved by Google which indexes your blog regularly as new content gets added. Together with the keywords in your URL paths and unique and frequently updated content, your blog visibility increases remarkably.

Template optimization

The key factors looked into are – HTML code, unique title tags, sitemap, RSS subscription options, social bookmarking, and so on.

Enable blog plug-ins and trackback

You could use a plug-in to showcase commenters who have shown most participation on your blog. This gives them recognition and earns their loyalty for a longer time. Trackbacks and pingbacks help your readers see how valuable your content is to other people who are not visiting your blog yet value your content.

Crossposting plug-ins

This is part of the social media integration strategy and allows you to cross-post your blog entries across Facebook and social networks. Additionally, we can use plug-ins to automatically publish content from one blogging platform to your other blogs.


Unique Blog Posting

Our professional writers specialize in search friendly always unique web content. Allowing consistent interaction with your blog.

Professional Link Building

Building links is one way of generating a long lasting buzz across the internet about your business. While boosting popularity in search engines