Hire best website design company in India for best custom web designing and development services at affordable prices. Hire best website design company in India for best custom web designing and development services at affordable prices.
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Facebook Compaign Management

Facebook Compaign Management

Facebook allows for various marketing strategies as well as information sharing capabilities. Besides sharing information on Facebook itself, you can add applications to your website that is updated automatically as your profile is updated, or boxes that allow users to share information about you on Facebook.


The following is offered by Facebook:

  • Set up a page for your business on Facebook
  • Link your website and your Facebook pages using social plugins
  • Place ads on Facebook


Our service offerings to you can start from simply placing you on Facebook and linking your website through various methods, to completely managing your Facebook presence and content.


Social plugins

Social plugins allow users to share their thoughts about your business through different platforms. Once they interact with your plugin their profiles are updated to show that they liked the website or Facebook page. This information is distributed to their contacts.


Social plugins are also customizable in some cases allowing you to choose what they look like when placed on your website. Social plugins allows you to:


  • See what your "followers" have liked on your profile or website,
  • Comments that have been placed on your website
  • Information that has been shared.


Even though there are many plugins that can be incorporated into your website, not all of them may be useful to your business, so only a few may be recommend to you. You may also need to place different plugins on different pages. For example, on a Gallery page, you may load a Photo badge. On News page, you can add a Comments box.

A Like and Recommend button can be placed on every page of your website in order for people to share information relating to your website.


We will spend time with you to discuss your website in detail and what we feel would work on your website.


Available Plugins:

The following is a list of available Facebook profiles:

  • Like button for Facebook
  • Like button for your website
  • Recommend button for Facebook
  • Recommend button for your website
  • Like box
  • Activity Box
  • Live Stream Box
  • Comments
  • Page Badge
  • Profile Badge
  • Photo Badge