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Google Places Optimization

Google Places Optimization

Do you have a basic idea of the general search engine optimization (SEO) techniques? If yes, you must surely know the google-places-optimisationimportance of targeting specific keywords/key-phrases through your website. Researches have, however, shown that an overwhelmingly high percentage of your total business leads come from clients who are physically located within a few miles of your stores/outlets. Over time, location-based keywords (e.g., ‘dresses online Australia’, instead of ‘dresses online’) are also becoming increasingly popular. This is precisely where the importance of Google Places Optimization (GPO) comes into the picture. With the help of this free and convenient local listing service, you can get the following advantages:


Geographically segment your target markets – The most SEO-friendly website design services can fail to yield desired results, if the products/services you have to offer are simply not available in the locality of the visitors. With the help of GPO, you can make sure that the geographical locations, where your offerings are available, are clearly specified. The web traffic would be more focused, and chances of conversions would be boosted.


Presence on Google Maps – GPO involves the placement of certain codes on your website, which puts it on the Google Maps network. You can, with the help of this option, easily provide directions to potential customers, to your nearest store/outlet. If you manage to impress web traffic with your user-friendly CMS website design scheme, they will be able to visit your physical store(s), without any difficulty.


Specify your hours of operation – Via GPO services, you can also make the local customers aware of your business hours. Unlike your website (which remains functional 24×7), the physical stores would be open only during certain scheduled hours, and people would not face any confusions about the same.


Announcements of discount offers and/or special deals – What if you wish to offer attractive discounts and special offers to the buyers from one specific location? GPO will come to your aid! You can publish information on all such offers, as well as other business-related activities – on the Google Places page for your business. Seamless, real-time communication would lead to better business results.


Publication of informative videos and images on the Google Places listings page – Relevant pictures and videos form an important part of your overall content and website design services. You can, with the help of GPO, put such engaging YouTube videos and business-related snaps on the free listings page too. Viewers would be interested. Click here to learn more about web content management tips.


Optimized Google Places pages occupy high positions on the SERP – When the free local place listings page of your business is properly optimized, your online visibility levels improve significantly (generally, such location-based results are displayed on the 1st SERP). However, studies have shown that, less than 10% of the total number of existing Google Places pages are optimized ideally. Don’t ignore this grand opportunity to give your business greater exposure online.


Provision for authentic user reviews and testimonials – Lending greater credibility to your business operations also becomes easier, when you optimize your Google Places page. You can publish customer testimonials and product/service reviews – which would motivate new buyers to actually do business with you.


Mobile-search compatibility – GPO also helps in the location of your physical outlets being displayed accurately on the smartphone devices of users. For example, if a person is looking for a good restaurant, and you happen to own a chain of eateries – smart GPO services would help him/her in arriving at the your nearest restaurant. In general, people search for a lot of things on the go – and GPO is instrumental for catering to their requirements.


Google Places Optimization can also make your paid advertisement (PPC) campaigns smarter too. Apart from organizing your web design & development according to the latest SEO norms, go for smart and updated GPO services as well. There is absolutely no room for doubting the benefits they have to offer for your business.