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SEO Tools

SEO Tools

The following sites provide various free tools for search engine optimization purposes.


Alexa Rank - A measure of website popularity

Domain Age - Tells you the age of any domain you input

Top 10 Analysis Tool - Tells you where your site ranks among your top competitors for your keyword phrases.

Keyword Density Tool - Returns the frequency of keywords within a domain you enter

Backlinks Tool - Builds a report of all of the backlinks to your domain as well as the anchor text of the actual link

Domain Typo Generator - Provides common misspellings of words so that you can determine if you need to purchase alternate domains.

Google's Keyword Tool - Get new keyword ideas from the best

Google's PageRank - Get links from websites with higher PageRank's

Keyword Position - Returns Google, Yahoo, MSN, alltheweb, and Altavista positions for your keyword phrase

IP & Browser Check - Shows you your IP and browser settings

Search Engine Spider Simulator - Shows you how a search engine spider may view your website

Website Speed Check - Provides the page size and download speed time of your page

Meta Tag Extractor - Enter in a domain and this tool will extract the meta description and keywords tags.

Browser Details - Provides information about your browser and your screen & window settings.


There are number of functions performed by SEO Tools among which some of them are Page rank detection, Keyword density check, Duplicate content detection,Keyword research tool and Link detection.Domain Tools are also considered one of the most useful SEO Tool which include Web Host Detection,Domain Age Checks and plenty of other valuable services. SEO Tools are considered to be most important for any ambitious SEO company as its difficult to work without them.

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) is collection of various Tools and Techniques which work together which not only creates an impact of your website on search engines but also promotes your business in a very unique and dynamic way.Website Optimisation tools includes data collection,assessment methodology,and various other programms which are used by SEO consultants to see how effective your site is and make it according to the new trends and changes in the market.There are number of tools available on the web for free,which an average user can make use of but the skill comes by applying website optimisation tools properly by having knowledge of the data they may produce.The more information you have about your competitors,the more you can do by bringing your page on top which would be beneficial for you as well as the search engines,which will select only the most relevant.So by making use of website optimisation tools the effectiveness of your website can be maximised.


Free SEO tools are of great use for public and also a good start point for the owner of website as they can assess their site.But free SEO toolshave some limitations as a free keyword checker may make you aware of the most popular keywords in the specific fields but might not tell you about various trends and many more things related to your specific fields,as this requires an expert advice or a better understanding of whole range of SEO techniques and website optimisation tools.

Web Business India can make you aware of future trends in the market and will make use of website optimisation tools and come up with new opportunities.A professional SEO organisation like Web Business India will have various website optimisation tools like Robots.txt Generation Tool,Alexa Rank Checker Tool,Google Page Rank Checker Tool,IP Address Lookup Tool,Your IP Address Tool,Who is Lookup Tool, Domain Age Calculator, Images ALT/TITLE Tag Checker,Heading (H) Tags Counter,XML Sitemap Generator Tool,Google Keyword Rank Checker which are used to optimise potential of any website.We are very much aware of the importance of these tools and their applications and also about the data which these tools provide you with. By making use of free SEO tools with an expert Web Business India can develop a website according to the need of individual requirements.

Website optimisation tools with free seo tools available on web have given an opportunity for website owner to think that how they want they website to be.So you can contact Web Business India about their range of free SEO tools and how it could be helped to optimise your website.