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Web 2.0 Development

Web 2.0 Development

Web 2.0 standards are being accepted across the globe to facilitate creativity, information sharing, collaboration among web users in the World Wide Web technology and web design. Web 2.0 has lead to the concept of new generation for web oriented communities like social-networking sites, Wikis, Blogs, and folksonomies.

Due to increasing technology evolution, Web 2.0 infrastructure includes server software, content syndication, messaging protocols, standard oriented browsers with plug-ins & extension & various client applications.


WBI has adopted Web 2.0 standards for development of website and web application based on J2EE & LAMP on priority, Microsoft’s .NET and Rich Internet Applications like AJAX, Adobe Flash, Flex and Silverlight.


WBI’s web developers  have adopted Web 2.0 features/techniques for website development for its strong client base across the globe.

  • Cascading style sheet to allow users to control website content presentation and separation
  • XHTML & HTML markups validated semantically
  • Syndication, aggregation & notification of data in RSS or Atom feeds
  • Web log publishing tools, wikis or forums, instant messengers etc
  • Websites with Collaborative tagging, social classification, social indexing and social tagging can be developed
  • XML, JavaScript based APIs can be used for website development
  • Completely dynamic and interactive website development using Open source technologies and rich internet applications


Web 3.0 - With rapid growth in the web technologies and the web based services, various constraints that keep the solutions on these services have been enforced. After Web 2.0, where the focus was on AJAX, social networking, lightweight collaboration, social bookmarking, and media sharing etc, the trend has now moved towards adapting higher agility and responsiveness. 


In fact, there is a lot more in store for the Web. We are starting to witness the convergence of several growing technology trends that are outside the scope of what Web 2.0 has come to mean. These trends have been gestating for a decade and will soon reach a tipping point. At this juncture, the third-generation of the Web started with better features than before.


Some of the salient features of Web 3.0 are:

Ubiquitous Connectivity:

  • The connectivity can be made from a range of devices from Broadband to Mobile devices and multi platforms.


Network Computing

  • Software-as-a-service business models
  • Web services interoperability
  • Distributed computing (P2P, grid computing, hosted “cloud computing” server etc)


Open Technologies

  • Open APIs and protocols
  • Open data formats
  • Open-source software platforms
  • Open data (Creative Commons, Open Data License, etc.)


Open Identity

  • Open identity (Open ID)
  • Open reputation
  • Portable identity and personal data (for example, the ability to port your user account and search history from one service to another)


Intelligent Web

  • Semantic Web technologies (RDF, OWL, SWRL, SPARQL, Semantic application platforms, and statement-based datastores such as triplestores, tuplestores and associative databases)
  • Distributed databases — or what I call “The World Wide Database” (wide-area distributed database interoperability enabled by Semantic Web technologies)
  • Intelligent applications (natural language processing, machine learning, machine reasoning, autonomous agents)


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